Together in money

Together in money

As the name of credit organization Samen in Geld may already suggest, this organization offers a platform on which investors and borrowers are brought together. In recent years, more and more such platforms have appeared on the internet. This is due in part to the fact that banks are less and less willing to provide loans to consumers. This makes it more difficult to get enough credit for the purchase of a new car, the renovation of your home, and so on. Not only for borrowers is Samen voor Geld interesting, it is also for investors

Investors earn an increasingly lower return on their savings.

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The interest rate is limited on the bank and a high return is often not the case with investments in shares or bonds. By choosing Together in Money you can still earn a nice return on your savings, without running a particularly high risk. You choose, for example, which project you want to invest and projects are inspected before they are actually offered to investors. You earn on your loan due to the interest costs that borrowers pay you on a monthly basis.

The operation of Samen in Geld is relatively simple. You can create a personal account on the website of this organization, both as a borrower and as an investor.

With your personal account you can immediately add new projects to the platform, in which investors can then invest.

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Keep in mind that Together for Money is completely dependent on the number of investors that have joined the network. When the number of investors is limited, it can be difficult to gather enough financial resources to complete this goal.

Otherwise, investors will be able to invest with their account in the various projects that are offered on the website. You can read more information about a project in advance so that you know where you are investing. Based on this data and the target amount of the borrowers who have added the project, you can make an investment. Pay attention to the duration of the loans when selecting your projects. After all, you have lost the money you invested for the term of this loan and you can not withdraw your investment from a project in the meantime.

Want to know more about Together in Money?

Are you curious whether a platform such as Samen in Geld is also something for you, as a borrower or a lender? On the website of this organization you will find more information about the precise operation of the platform. Read the instructions carefully in advance so that you do not end up with unpleasant surprises. For borrowers, it is important to realize that it is not possible to take out continuous loans with Samen in Geld. This can be explained by the fact that Together in Money is completely dependent on the loans made available by lenders. For a revolving credit you can go to various other lenders.