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A road construction project to repave sections of the Woyenne reserve, which began in late May, is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Bernard Patrick, Director of Capital and Infrastructure at Lake Babine Nation (LBN), spoke with News from the Lake District on the details of the project.

“The purpose of the project is to put pavement in the lower parts of the reserve which have roads that have never been paved,” he said. “Repair work is also underway in the upper part of the reserve on some already paved roads. “

Much of Tenth Avenue, Lomé Street, Babine Crescent, and Center Street have been cleaned and smoothed, but the pavement has yet to be laid.

The paving is not the only aspect of the project, as the ditches are cleaned to make way for new culverts on the side of Center Road, which Patrick says will help with drainage.

Terus Construction, based in Surrey, won the contract for the project. Currently, there are several pieces of heavy machinery located at the corner of Center Road and Sus Avenue, including two excavators, two bulldozers and several trucks as well as half a dozen workers on the site as well.

According to Patrick, the total cost of the project is $ 4.6 million. Part of this was paid for by LBN, with funding also coming from Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

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