Notre Dame’s most electric football videos on YouTube

Notre Dame’s legacy is beyond inspiration. It’s hard not to get excited when you see the combination of distinct discipline and tradition against a solid soundtrack. I’ve compiled a list of some of Notre Dame’s hottest fires on YouTube.

The era of the free man

The new season will mark a new era for the Fighting Irish. The team has a chip on its shoulder after a frustrating bowl performance, but the determination to deliver as head coach Marcus Freeman takes the lead is the true marker of the next chapter for the team. It’s Freeman addressing the team for the first time in his new role who does, here. I suddenly feel like a Celtic warrior going to defend my homeland. After the sudden departure of former Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly cut the team to the core, this show of dedication from the undeniable ‘player coach’ now appears in the dictionary next to the word ‘ shivers”. Now I want Jameson.

Shipping to Boston

I love a good fan-made hype video. If you don’t feel like crushing your enemies when a Dropkick Murphys track pops up, then I don’t think I want to know you.

Before shaking the thunder

The pandemic sent the athletes into a time like no other, but it couldn’t shake the Irish mentality. The Victory March is the hype song of hype songs, and its lyrics pack the right punch, here. Please direct me to the nearest brick wall so I can run through it.

Hometown Hype

It’s all about staying hungry and playing fearlessly in this hype festival 2019. Plus, he’s driving with a nun. Nuns should not be spoiled.

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