NBA players you don’t want to play with: James Johnson knows MMA, Nikola Jokic has intimidating brothers

No one in the NBA really wants to fight. They are talented giants who love to win basketball games, a sport based on beauty and skill. Unlike sports like rugby or mixed martial arts, basketball is not meant to be dirty and violent for the fans. But still, like any other competitive sport, basketball can get a bit hectic. Specifically, the players are fighting.

While we might hate to admit it, seeing giants walk into each other can certainly be interesting. But which players in today’s game are really the ones that should be avoided? We recently saw how LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart got involved in the Lakers vs. Pistons game, and it’s still in the news to this day. LeBron left Stewart bloodied with an elbow that certainly looked like a low blow, even though The King begs to differ. The way Stewart reacted to that shot broke the media because the 20-year-old was begging for smoke with one of the greatest players of all time.

We also saw how reigning MVP Nikola Jokic crushed Markieff Morris, which led to widespread NBA drama. When Nikola felt he had been given a low blow, he pushed Markieff to the ground when the Heat player inexplicably turned his back on him. Things seem to be getting hectic in NBA competitions lately, so it’s time to find out the ten players you definitely don’t want to play in the NBA today.

10. Udonis Haslem

Udonis Haslem

First of all, Udonis Haslem is an old school player. He knows his line, and when it is crossed, it will turn ugly. The veteran is 41 and ‘old man strength’ is a very real thing, especially when it comes to disrespect. Haslem is a respected person in the game due to his longevity and understanding as the locker room leader, so he likely won’t be tested this season. But when that happens, Haslem will make sure his feelings are felt.

For one thing, Udonis is 6’8 ” tall and weighs 235 lbs. That alone should make guys think twice before missing out on him, even though he’s almost 42. Haslem is known to be a tough player on the court when he has played important minutes, so one can be sure the three-time NBA champion won’t back down from anyone at any point.

9. Boban Marjanovic

Boban Marjanovic

Boban is one of the nicest people in the NBA and really is a gentle giant. He is clumsy, loves to have fun and doesn’t hesitate to laugh at himself. This is what makes him a fan favorite as he understands his unnatural height and uses it to make people laugh. But Boban is also someone you should never cross paths with because he will literally destroy you.

Marjanovic is 7’3 ” and 290 lbs, which means he has an abnormal force to adjust to his abnormal build. Every ordinary human being should curl up in his presence during an altercation, but even NBA players probably don’t want a piece of him. Boban is still smiling, but it’s terrifying when he frowns. Making a gentle giant angry is not a good thing in life, and the Serbian is a guy no one should ever make angry with. A happy Boban is extremely sympathetic, but an angry Boban should not be played with just any level.

8. Marcus and Markieff Morris

Marcus and Markieff Morris

As the saying goes, “strength in numbers”. The Morris Twins should not be disturbed, as they will always support each other. Like any other pair of twins, the Morris brothers will support each other and are almost identical in their thought processes. Two men will always be stronger than one, especially if each of them is over 6’7 “and over 210 lbs.

Marcus Morris is playing hard, using his height to score the ball and also talk about trash at all times. The current Los Angeles Clipper doesn’t back down from anyone and doesn’t mind being a mess with any opponent, especially when it comes to winning. That’s why the Clippers signed him to a $ 64 million contract last year. Markieff is even bigger than Marcus and weighs over 240 pounds. Playing with him won’t end well, although Nikola Jokic has apparently done it this season. Together the Marcus twins are not to be disturbed and it is best to leave them alone.

7. Montrezl Harrell

Montrezl Harrell

Montrezl Harrell is an undersized tall man at 6’7 “, although he plays like he’s at least 2-3 inches taller. The 6th Man of the Year 2020 is a force on the glass and thrives every day. once he’s near the basket. Harrell doesn’t back down from anyone and being undersized actually fuels his fire because he’s always playing with a chip on his shoulder. That’s why it’s best to leave him unprovoked.

Harrell has a pretty scary “angry face” and has built-in intensity when he’s in the heat of the competition. A “dog” of his caliber doesn’t come often, and Harrell has no problem getting in front of the opponent if he feels disrespectful at any point. Harrell is undersized on the pitch compared to other attackers or power centers, but he’s no slouch on a physical level. Standing 6’7 “and 240 lbs means he’s muscular and can certainly get by in confrontations, meaning” Trez “should be left alone in most cases.

6. Green Draymond

Draymond Green

Draymond Green gets a ton of criticism for his individual stats or the fact that he’s not a true league star. But it’s high time he got the credit for being one of the best defenders of his time and a tough player who won’t back down from anyone. At 6’6 “and over 230 pounds, Green is a thick forward who has no problem getting physical even though he’s shorter than most at his post.

Draymond has been the hard core of the Golden State Warriors and has been for many years. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson are all really cool guys; and sometimes they needed a guy like Green to take the abuse and spread it. Draymond is doing it again this year, acting as the protector of the young core who started 16-2. Green won’t back down, which means players need to be aware when making fun of him or his teammates.

5. Robin Lopez

Robin lopez

At 7’0 “and over 280 pounds, Robin Lopez is someone that no one wants to play with. Even the toughest guys in the league don’t want to fight Lopez because he used to be. a guy who doesn’t mind getting into physical altercations. Robin Lopez is known to get involved with players, and at his size he is likely to win most battles.

Lopez is simply a beast of a man and has thick arms and shoulders. Clashing with Lopez when setting screens is a problem as he has a powerful base and a ton of mass behind his choices. When fighting in the paint, Robin is adept at taking rebounds and hitting opponents. His raw size and strength make him a frightening figure.

4. LeBron James

James lebron

Say whatever you want about LeBron James, but he’s a physical specimen. Standing 6’9 “and weighing 250 pounds, James is a force on the pitch. LeBron could have played any professional sport that required this type of build, including professional football where he would have excelled. But playing in a sport more late has allowed James to have a very long career, where he can use his physical gifts to break records left and right.Of course, he is a master in basketball.

But LeBron is a player who will petrify when he’s angry. He’s stronger, faster, and more explosive than almost any player in the league, and fighting with him could cause problems. James apparently didn’t want any song from Isaiah Stewart, but that was probably because he felt he hadn’t done anything wrong. But make no mistake, James is more than capable of defending himself against anyone. In other words, if LeBron James was coaching MMA, no one would have had the chance to stop him.

3. Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic and his brothers

Credit: Getty Images

Nikola Jokic absolutely rocked Markieff Morris when he knocked him to the ground by the shoulder. It’s amazing how Markieff was able to get back on his feet, even though he missed games because of such a massive impact. Nikola is 6’11 “and weighs 284 pounds, which means he’s literally a gigantic human being. If Jokic wants to take matters into his own hands, there’s not much nobody can do about it. But Nikola is generally very cool, don’t never trying to put himself in situations.

The real reason Nikola Jokic checks in at number 3 is because of his crazy brothers. Strahinja and Nemanja Jokic are two intimidating men, as they are both tough guys who clearly enjoy a physical altercation. Nikola has already explained how he is sometimes afraid of his older brothers because they have temperaments and are passionate people. Markieff and Marcus Morris might have a problem if the Jokic brothers ever want to meet.

2. Steven Adams

Steven adams

At nearly 7’0 “and weighing 265 pounds, Steven Adams is considered the strongest player in the NBA. Jimmy Butler has previously explained how hitting Adams is like hitting a brick wall because the New Zealand native is incredibly strong. Adams is built with pure muscle and is also surprisingly agile. He has a mean face on the pitch when he is playing, and a player his size is incredibly difficult to deal with. ‘Adams on the floor What’s even more amazing is how funny and relaxed Steven Adams is, because he truly is one of the best looking people in the league.

But there is no doubt that Steven Adams is the most powerful man in the NBA. He cannot be moved and cannot be physically stopped by trying to box him. When setting up displays, Adams is an incredibly efficient center. This is one of the main reasons he has formed a very strong partnership with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City for years. Of all the players in the league, no one will ever play with Steven Adams except for a skilled martial artist.

1. James Johnson

James johnson

It is often said that mixed martial artists are the scariest people in the world because they are literally trained to hurt people. As a professional basketball player and black belt in karate, James Johnson is absolutely someone that no one should think of playing with. Johnson is 6’7 ” and 240 lbs as well, which means the guys don’t stand a chance physically or technically when it comes to fighting.

James Johnson built his career in the NBA being a competitor who won’t back down from anyone and a dynamic player who seeks loose balls while playing strong defense. So it’s clear that Johnson has a strong tenacity gene in him. Johnson has also had a career in MMA and kickboxing while also saying he considers a career in the UFC once he’s done with the NBA. Johnson is a well-built athlete with a track record as a guy who can kick your ass, which is why he’s hardly challenged by anyone in the league.


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