Enter America’s most unusual marijuana farms

While many businesses have closed or, at the very least, struggled during the worst of the pandemic, recreational cannabis has skyrocketed. In fact, legal cannabis sales in the United States have exceeded $ 17.5 billion in 2020 alone. Just ask local retailers, like California-based family businesses stone path, whose organic, sun-grown kush comes from the brand’s 57-acre off-grid biodynamic farm in Nevada City, California. “Like most industries, shipping delays and a shortage of raw materials during the COVID-19 pandemic have strained our supply chain. To meet demand, we also use partner farms in other states that grow specific varieties for us and package Stone Road products, ”says Lex Corwin, the brand’s founder.

Another densely populated place experiencing a cannabis boom? Toronto, home to the ultra-charming Supermarket. The cannabis retailer’s sales exploded so much that last month the brand opened its new concept shop, a cafeteria-style kiosk inspired by a European convenience store dubbed Sip ‘N’ Smoke. Co-Founder and Brand Director, Drummond Munro, notes: “Given the general evolution of consumer preferences, we wanted to reflect these in our approach to this new retail environment for Sip ‘N’ Smoke. The express store setup and narrow product focus allow us to meet consumer demand. “

Canopy Growth has taken over a former Hershey factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Photo: Canopy growth

Superette is not the only retailer to take a more nuanced approach to cope with the huge increase in demand. Farmers who need the extra space to grow more herbs are looking to unexpected places: the world’s largest cannabis company, Canopy growth, took over a former Hershey factory; one of the largest growers of medical marijuana in the United States, Verano Holdings, recently moved into what was once the Walmart in Readington, New Jersey; and Northeast Evergrow is in the midst of negotiations over their potential new home, a former police training facility in Flint, Michigan.

Holistic Industries Growth Center in Maryland.Photo: Jason Colston

“We believe that life is better with cannabis, so we are building Cannabis Freedom dispensaries and Holistic industries growth transformation facilities in neighborhoods that want and need us to improve the community. Part of what we look for when looking for locations for our facilities is property that has been abandoned or neglected that we can revitalize, ”suggests Josh Genderson, CEO of Holistic Industries. One of those run-down properties in desperate need of a facelift was the old bowling alley that Genderson and his team turned into a sprawling 64,000 square foot vertically integrated growth and retail outpost.

These installations of massive growth are sweeping through the most liberal territories of the world at lightning speed, a development each The great Lebowski the fan celebrates after a painful pandemic without a curvy joint in his hand. Finally, retailers and growth farms are catching up, and if supply and demand have a distinct flavor, it is marijuana.

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