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Five members of Sen. Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten Sinema Police Recommend Charges Against Four Over Sinema Restroom Protest, K Street Income Explosion On The Money – Democrats Consider Tough Choices As Deadline ApproachesThe (D-Arizona) Veterans Advisory Council resigned this week over its opposition to multiple aspects of the Democrats’ sweeping welfare spending bill.

In a letter released Thursday, veterans hammered Sinema over his refusal to fully support President BidenJoe Biden White House: United States Donated 200 Million COVID-19 Vaccines Globally Police recommend charges against four people over Sinema bathroom protest.‘s Build Back Better as well as its opposition to abolishing filibuster, the 60-vote threshold for most laws in the Senate that has historically thwarted Democrats’ legislative priorities.

“You have become one of the biggest obstacles to progress, responding to big donors rather than your own. We shouldn’t have to buy you representation, and your inability to support your people and see their urgent needs is alarming, ”the five wrote in the letter, which was released by Common Defense.

They specifically cited various Democratic priorities that could be adopted in the social spending bill, including reducing rising drug prices, boosting employment and expanding health care. They also cite Democrats’ efforts to pass electoral reforms in the face of GOP electoral restrictions passed in several states – an effort that has hit a brick wall in the Senate due to the filibuster.

“As members of your Veterans Advisory Council for years, we are deeply concerned about your failure to recognize us or solicit our contribution. Today, we feel like we’re only given performative titles and used as a showcase for your own image, not as resources for giving advice on what’s best for them. veterans, ”the group said. “In view of your complete disregard for our contribution and your reluctance to act on behalf of the needs of your constituents, we respectfully resign from your Veterans Advisory Council.”

Sinema faces a growing wave of reprimands from Arizona Democrats and other former allies for his opposition to the social spending program, which has grown from $ 3.5 trillion to probably around $ 2 trillion. Criticism against her was revived again this week after it was revealed that she was opposed to raising taxes on wealthy individuals and businesses to pay the price despite tactics popular with Democrats.

Sinema’s opposition has been put in the spotlight in a 50-50 Senate, where any Democrat can sink the package, which is passed through budget reconciliation to avoid filibuster.

Already, groups are forming in Arizona to recruit a main challenger for re-election in 2024, progressives eyeing Rep. Ruben GallegoNo Manchin, No McCain and No Ruben Gallego Maverick Sinema Lags Potential Top Challengers in Progressive Poll Hundreds of thousands of US soldiers still unvaccinated before first vaccine deadline: MORE report run against her in a state that has become an increasingly competitive battleground since Sinema’s election in 2018.

The letter released by Common Defense complements the group’s purchase of seven-figure ads to push Sinema to align with the Democrats’ reconciliation plan.

The five veterans letter was first reported by The New York Times.

In response to the letter, Sinema’s office said she and her team had had several policy discussions with the Veterans Advisory Council on a host of issues, and Sinema said in a statement that she appreciated the points. view of the five former members.

“We appreciate their diverse perspectives, their contributions to legislation and their participation in Veterans awareness events,” she said. “While it is unfortunate that an apparent disagreement on separate policy issues led to this decision, I thank them for their service and will continue to work every day to help the Arizona veterans who have sacrificed so much. to keep us safe. “

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Jim McClellan: The Pace of Change Wed, 20 Oct 2021 07:01:14 +0000

Change happens slowly, for the most part, but sometimes it happens in an instant. Jim McClellan has this prospect.

A geological time scale spans billions of years. But an interesting thing about geological history is that some changes are not gradual at all, but instantaneous. Like the impacts of asteroids or massive waves triggered by falling glaciers, they are suddenly and forever changing the Earth. I think that kind of rapid change on an otherwise long evolutionary scale can happen in more subtle ways as well.
Like growing up, for example.

The summer after ninth grade, I worked at the New York Hospital in Manhattan. I was a volunteer and did various jobs. One day, I was sent to an upper floor to pick up a package from a lab. I handed the requisition to the woman sitting behind the desk, and as she picked up the package, I noticed a hospital poster on the wall. Just the hospital building, against a bright blue sky. “Wow,” I laughed. “Did someone make a New York hospital poster?” The woman placed the package in my courier bag, but as she returned it to me, she said quietly, “Some people think this is the most beautiful place in the world.
Although I didn’t fully grasp it until a few years later, those words pierced my teenage armor, sending a shock wave of new cracks and contours through my brain. I suddenly knew where I was and that this place really mattered. I knew every doctor, nurse and staff member understood this. And I knew – in a way that no conference could ever convince me – that in a place built to save lives, rude behavior is shameful. A glacier had been dislodged and the gorge it carved into my mind was permanent.
Sometimes the road in front of me feels full of brick walls, and it’s easy to let frustration stifle hope. But it’s also helpful to remember that while change is often slow or not enough, sometimes it can come suddenly and rearrange the world as we know it, sometimes for the better.
With a perspective, I’m Jim McClellan.

Jim McClellan is the co-founder of a logistics software company focused on the wine industry. He lives in Marin.

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More than half of 2021 homicides in Milwaukee remain unsolved Tue, 19 Oct 2021 03:00:00 +0000

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee is on the verge of another record year of homicides and the majority of these cases remain unsolved.

Nequesia Terrell was 14 and was recently accepted into Milwaukee High School of the Arts. Her mother said life was just beginning for the teenager.

“QuaQua was a very energetic, intelligent, loving, caring and courageous young woman with so much potential,” said Beverly Terrel, mother of Nequesia.

But it all ended on October 4, 2020, when Nequesia was shot and killed. It happened just after 2 a.m. near 11 and Burleigh. The teenager was in the back seat of a car when gunshots broke out and she was caught in the crossfire.

“This last year has been horrible,” Terrell said. “All I have left of my daughter are memories, and she never will.”

The case of Nequesia is one of more than 80 unsolved homicides in 2020. That of Winfred Jackson Jr. is another.

The 18-year-old was killed in Washington Park on March 17, 2020.

“We’re in front of a brick wall,” said Leatrice Martin, Jackson Jr.’s aunt. “We’re at a dead end, after a year and a half we don’t know anything.”

And it’s getting worse and worse. So far in 2021, only 45% of cases are resolved, that’s a seven-year low. Below is an overview of the total number of homicides, the number cleared and the percentage.

  • 2015 – 147 homicides, 85 homicides closed (58%)
  • 2016 – 142 homicides, 95 homicides closed (67%)
  • 2017 – 119 homicides, 93 homicides closed (78%)
  • 2018 – 99 homicides, 75 homicides closed (76%)
  • 2019 – 97 homicides, 75 homicides closed (77%)
  • 2020 – 190 homicides, 104 homicides closed (58%)

Part of the problem is the sheer volume of crime in Milwaukee. Homicides have increased by more than 95% since 2019 and resources are limited.

Mayor Tom Barrett’s proposed budget for 2022 calls for cuts by 25 officers, following cuts of 60 and 120 officers over the past two years. The mayor says it is not by choice but that it is financially necessary due to the costs of pensions and the lack of state support.

“Many video recording systems can only keep the data or that recording for 24 to 72 hours,” said Inspector Paul Formolo of the Milwaukee Police Department. “If we go from scene to scene and we are not able to follow up on the previous case, we risk losing that video evidence. So this is just one example of capacity management. . “

Inspector Paul Formolo says another problem is that the community does not want to work with the police.

“There has been a decrease, I would say, in the level of cooperation in a post-George Floyd era,” Inspector Formolo said. “You know and it’s our job, as executive leadership, to help restore that legitimacy between the police department and the community.”

For the families of the victims, the silence of the community is heartbreaking and frustrating.

“We know people know,” said Nicole Crown, Nequesia’s aunt. “And we know that some people can come forward but they haven’t.”

“In my guts, in my soul, in my heart, I know someone knows something,” Martin added.

One group that is trying to bridge the gap between the community and the police is Milwaukee Crime Stoppers.

“We can help families of unsolved crimes begin to heal,” said Ryan Patte, vice president of Milwaukee Crime Stoppers. “A lot of crime comes from trauma and if we can start the healing process with people, maybe we can prevent future crimes from happening.”

In the two years since the start of the program, Crime Stoppers denunciations have solved 40 crimes, including four homicides.

He is not affiliated with the police and is completely anonymous.

“Anytime a citizen calls Crime Stoppers or uses the p3 reporting line, they are sent to an out-of-state call center and their number is actually scrambled,” Patte said.

Inspector Formolo says the police need the public’s help.

“It has to be a partnership between the community and us to reduce the level of violence that takes place,” Inspector Formolo said. “Especially among our young people in the community.”

There are cash rewards in the cases of Jackson Jr. and Nequesia.

“You have to be responsible,” Terrell said. “When you go to jail, your family can always call you. They can always have birthdays, so, you know, I can never pick up a phone and call my daughter.”

If you know anything about these or other crimes, visit Milwaukee Crime Stoppers here or call 414-224-TIPS. Your call is anonymous.

You will receive a PIN code and you can use this number to check if the matter is resolved and to verify if you are eligible for a reward.

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Studio Jidijiangyi / FANAF | ArchDaily Sun, 17 Oct 2021 23:00:00 +0000

Studio Jidijiangyi / FANAF

facade context.  Image © Xiaowen Jindetail of the facade.  Image © Xiaowen Jinconnection between indoor and outdoor space.  Image © Xiaowen Jinvertical and horizontal structure.  Image © Xiaowen Jin+ 27